Spotlight Saturday 7: PhysEd Source

For the potentially final Spotlight Saturday, we’ll be taking a look at PhysEdSource – a site that the BCTF website links to on their PE specialist teacher page. This site is intended to be “an online directory that aims to provide useful web links and other helpful resources for professionals in the field of physical education”.

They have sections for gymnastics, outdoors activities, sports and games, individual activities, and dance, as well as general health and DPA, plus links to research on physical education and physical activity, focusing on a Canadian perspective. In the sections for activities, they are typically broken down, and you can find resources for setting up units, breaking games down into specific skills or tactics, or guides to different movements for things like dance, gymnastics, or yoga. It’s definitely an interesting site to check out.

They have a variety of resources for DPA activities, and they have a section on assessment too.  You know a resource website has really covered their bases when they even have resources for juggling! 

In addition to providing the majority of their content in English, they also provide quite a few links to French-language resources – I’m not quite fluent enough to vouch for those pages, but it definitely seems interesting, and their link to a tennis-lesson page seems neat!

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