Movement Journal Week 3: Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is a term that I have heard around for awhile now but not had a full understanding of its meaning. It has been interesting in the last couple classes to learn what it means to be physically literate and to promote that in physical education. I like the idea of breaking down sports into fundamental movement skills. I think a lot of the enjoyment that comes from being physically active has to do with feeling comfortable and competent. This is why kids who naturally excel at sports immediately enjoy them and continue to play sports and be active. Whereas children who find they are not immediately competent at sports or physical activities may develop a negative association perhaps from public failure or embarrassment. It’s always easier to pursue things that we have a natural ability for. I do not have a natural ability at math, but if it is broken down for me into simplified steps and patterns, it becomes easier for me to grasp. It makes sense that the same logic would be used for physical education. I think that up until now, more emphasis would be put on helping a student who is struggling with math than one who is struggling in PE.  However, I think that physical literacy is just as important as math literacy.  Hopefully the new PE curriculum will emphasize the importance of encouraging competent and confident movement patterns in children throughout their schooling so that all children can learn to enjoy physical activity, not just children with a “natural athletic ability”.

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