Net/ Wall Game Reflections

This past Friday Clarissa, Amanda, Terence and I did our group teach exercise. I was surprised about how difficult it was to teach a P.E. class. I had another group teach project in another class earlier in the week and it was much easier for me personally. Although I think our presentation was good, but I feel like my personal performance was lacking. Physical literacy is a difficult concept to grasp, I think because it’s so different to what I always assumed P.E. was attempting to accomplish. I appreciate it, but it was hard to facilitate a discussion on. It worked out alright though.

After the discussion we proceeded to the fun stuff. I felt like our lesson was engaging well crafted and well timed. I may have been a little aggressive with the warm up (sorry), but the stations were well planned and kept everyone constantly moving. Although the warm up wasn’t ideally executed, it served a purpose to highlight the purpose of physical literacy. That simple stance was used as a fundamental building block in each of the following stations.

Overall, I’m just glad I gained the experience here, in a safe environment. I have already noted various things that I need to improve when I move into the gymnasium. Truthfully though, coming into this program I was most excited to teach P.E., now I think it may be just the opposite. Hopefully I can build on that group teach exercise to become a more confident P.E. teacher before I step in front of my first class last this year.

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  1. First of all, I think you guys did a great job teaching us last Friday. I like how you reflected and pointed out your own strength and weaknesses in your post. I am not athletic so I’m a bit worried about teaching P.E but at the same time I realize that this is an opportunity for growth and for me to learn more things. Lastly, I think your team created a safe environment where I felt encouraged and I felt that it was okay to make mistakes.

  2. I thought your group did a really great job of your group teach! The stations worked really well! In terms of your warm up and cool down, I wonder if it might be more beneficial to find some way to incorporate fundamental skills into warm up/cool down games rather than having a very “teacher-centric” activity. When we played Chuck the Chicken, we were learning foundational skills for baseball, but they were a little more implicit, and kept energy up!

    I really appreciated the constructive support that I received in the station work, and found that things like that contributed to the positive environment and physical literacy aspect of PE just as much as your group’s energy!

    I have found myself thinking the opposite of you (I was very nervous to teach PE, and now I’m feeling more confident!) and I think that the shift comes from recognizing that PE is encompassing physical literacy, and that physical literacy is pushing back against the parts of PE that I was nervous about (sport). I agree that physical literacy can be a challenging area to understand! Like so many things that are emerging in education, it is much more holistic, and has so many facets to think of. I like to think of it as a way to include more students’ interests in the realm of the gymnasium, and as a whole-health education, rather than simply sports education.

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