Week 3 Journal: Alexandra (Lexi) Picken

During Friday’s lesson, we focused on the topic of “Physical Literacy”. Although a variety of definitions were examined, I connected with Margret Whiteheads the most. She notes physical literacy as the “motivation, confidence, competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical education for life”. I was drawn to this definition, because it made me look at physical education from a different perspective. Growing up, I only ever thought of gym as a fun activity that we did every other day or so in school. Learning about the important impact that it had on my health and wellbeing didn’t come until later in life. With that being said, I feel it is important that children have a good understanding of physical literacy early in life. Rather then just attending gym class, student should understand its purpose. This includes being literate in body awareness, nutrition, and active living. Younger generations need to mindful that physical literacy isn’t just limited to school, but that it can be applied to everyday life as well. Whether it be choosing to go outside over playing a video game, or eating a banana over candy. These are all aspects that children should be conscious of. In my future classroom, I hope to incorporate physical literacy as much as possible. This could range from teaching students about healthy eating/living, all the way to utilizing the outdoors as part of a lesson plan.

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  1. I like Margaret Whitehead’s definition as well! It is more internal, about motivation and our relationship to an active life. I can see that it would not be something that can be assessed from the outside in the way the PHE definition can, since the PHE definition is more about doing. However, I see our relationship to activity as foundational to what we do, so I prefer Whitehead’s definition.

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