Sept 23 Movement Journal- Kate

I think the most important element of physical literacy is that being physically literate means you can participate in, and hopefully enjoy, a wide range of physical activities. Although there are definitely specific literacies for different sports and activities, having a set of basic skills is the first step. I think our focus with PE in schools should be preparing students for a life of physical activity. For this reason it is so important that students get to gain skills in a wide variety of relevant activities. I know, as far as my PE education is concerned, that nothing in class prepared me for the physical activities I now enjoy. For my daughter I hope that her PE classes are much more relevant to her life. Currently she’s doing gymnastics in her kindergarden PE class, and while she loves it, I don’t really understand the sacred position gymnastics holds in the PE curriculum. As far as I know, very, very few people go on to enjoy gymnastics as their sport of choice after leaving school. I recognize that there are many transferable skills in gymnastics but why not learn the same skills with dance or yoga, which are much more popular with adults?

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