Group A Week 3 – Christine

Physical literacy is an important concept to grasp as an educator – for me, it’s so easy to get caught up facilitating a game or watching to make sure everyone’s following the rules that I can lose track of what the kids are supposed to be learning!  I think the focus in this class on keeping things simple is helping with this concept for me.  PE isn’t about kids mastering the rules and skills for sports.  That can be involved, but what’s most important is giving kids opportunities to move and explore different ways of being healthy for life.  I think that both of the groups that have done their team teach so far have done an excellent job on teaching lessons that are a good balance of simple and engaging, and they’ve been really accessible for multiple ability levels.

The readings for this week addressed multiliteracies, a concept that has been popping up in multiple courses (I’m starting to see a pattern…)  I feel very encouraged by the fact that this is such a focus in PE.  I find it very helpful to structure my thinking on making PE accessible by thinking about the different literacies involved in creating a PE lesson – does it teach movement skills, teamwork, healthy lifestyles, including others?  These are important skills that help kids learn to be healthy and active, but also support learning in other curricular environments.

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  1. Christine, I share your experience of getting caught up in the details and facilitation of P.E. sometimes, and forgetting the bigger purpose. I appreciate your linking of multi-literacies and accessibility. The many ways in which we can approach P.E. now opens it up to everyone, and hopefully we will be able to start from our students themselves, to facilitate P.E. based on their interests and funds of knowledge.

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