September 23rd – Movement Journal #2 (Kaira)

I really enjoyed this week’s group teach with badminton! I have never played badminton before, and was initially intimidated by the prospect of playing in front of all my classmates. However, the Group Teach team (Fiona, Julie R., and Helen) created a great learning environment by splitting our class into small groups so that nobody was singled out.

In addition, being in a small group of four created a fun group dynamic where all members showed support by cheering each other on! My team (Jen, Sydney, and Amy) were amazing in that they would let me take another shot if I failed a serve, giving encouragement and motivation. Games like these create small communities that foster a sense of belonging in children, which as we’ve all learned is essential for their social and emotional learning. 🙂

P.S. I apologize for the late post, Group A!

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  1. Thanks Kaira! I am so glad that you had a great time with the lesson. Helen, Julie and I were apprehensive at first because we thought that the game would be too complicated during the short time given for the group teach, but we’re so happy that everyone was so involved! I agree that fostering a sense of belonging in children is indeed very important, and we all need to provide a safe environment for our students to engage in physical literacy in the gym and other forms of literacies in the classroom and beyond.

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