Sept 30th Journal #2 Julie Russell

I don’t think I’ve ever been part of such an active P.E. class! From the walk (jog) to the field to chuck the chicken and the super active adaptation of one of my favourites (California Kickball), I think I barely had a consecutive 3 minutes to stand still. I really enjoyed the activities. I found both of them fun and activities that everyone could participate in. Not being tagged out during the California Kickball adaptation was new to me though. No “out!”s. I, personally, have never felt bad when I was struck out in a game, but if I think of it from a student who usually strikes out perspective, I could see how playing a game like California Kickball might be dreaded. I thought that fun might be removed if alterations were made to such a beloved game, but the challenge to still get points was there, and the increased active time and team work really made it a great game. I thought the team did a great job finding a game that ended up being fun and sensitive to students’ needs.

This week, I also learned how to connect a warm up activity to the main activity when the team used chuck the chicken. It was great to see how a warm-up activity could be fun while at the same time practicing fundamental movement skills.

Finally, I appreciated talking about assessments. Things have changed since I was in school. I really liked the idea of using blogs as a way of assessing as well as having one-on-ones with students.

And! I loved being outside this week! Fresh air and sunshine!



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  1. Hello Julie,
    I completely agree with your opinions about our PE class last week. It was great that I was able to join in PE class the entire time. I normally don’t run, catch or throw something. However, in the last PE class, I was constantly running, catching or throwing. I am not familiar with the California kickball so I am not sure how the original game looks like. However, I like the idea that they modified this game to encourage everyone to play the game. Also, it was really great for them to introduce “chuck the chicken” activity so we can practice basic movement skills that are required to play the California kickball. I need to prepare my team-teaching activities with other members in the group and I was trying to introduce too many aspects of our topic in one lesson. After seeing how other groups teach their topic, I think now I can focus on few skills in depth rather than introducing a lot in one lesson.

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