CITE Movement Journal 5 -Lexi Picken

The focus this week was on invasion games. Vivian, Zoe and Jenny all did a wonderful job of making the activities fun, and exciting. I also enjoyed the surprisingly intense workout I received from participating. What made the activities so appealing was that there was continuous active participation. Everyone was constantly moving, and no student was left out or excluded. The group provided quick, easy instructions, and left little down time. Sitting for long periods of time isn’t always ideal for elementary aged students, so I appreciate the group for keeping that in mind.

This weeks team-teach was also able to factor in some concepts of physical literacy. For many physical forms of activities, one needs to master the basic skills before he or she can move on. For example, in volleyball, we need to understand the basic skills of bumping, serving, setting and spiking before we can actually participate in a game. With that being said, I enjoyed that there were various levels of improvement provided on Friday. We started of with basic skills, and gradually improved them as the game intensified. In return, this created an environment where students needed to strategize, as well as work together.

Reflecting back on my personal elementary experience with invasion games, I noticed that they were very independently focused. When playing games like Capture the Flag, students usually just ran and grabbed the flag. Teamwork wasn’t always a factor when playing. In regards to the team-teach, students were forced into working together. Every student needed to cross the end line in order to receive a point. In terms of keeping active participation amongst all students, this style game is the way to go!

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  1. Yeah, I wholeheartedly agree with your comment about exercise. They definitely surpassed the 60% mark and everyone was really enjoying themselves. I think that elementary aged kids would absolutely adored these games. And more importantly, everyone would be able to fully participate.

    I think this group was the best to date, each activity has a specific purpose, and was creative. Vivian did a great job with warm up and cool down they were very creative as well. I am curious to see how the next group does.

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