Roberto Colusso – Comment – Week 4

I agree with Elisabeth Greenwood in her assessment of the strategies proposed by Daniel B. Robinson and Lynn Randall in Chapter six. The entry and exit slips are a simple but effective way to get to know the students and therefore be able to better cater the lessons to their needs. I am also interested in the use of stations as they transform the gymnasium into an amusement park type environment, allowing students to experience the sport in short term, skill focused activities.

Formative assessment is of top important as it involves the student in the learning experience both in considering their own development and in coming to understand the teachers task of assessing them. Students should be encouraged to engage in peer and self assessment as this helps increase the teachers knowledge about these students. Summative assessment tools should not be dispensed with as it provides its own unique information about the students. However, it should be used in conjunction with other assessment tools as its dependence on testing might produce limited results.

Observation needs to be an ongoing strategy as it alerts the teacher to all kinds of information regarding the students’ attitudes towards the activities. Students’ strengths and weakness can easily be identified as well as their level if engagement.


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