Outdoor Education Reflection

Last week was one of the most enjoyable classes I’ve experienced to date. The lesson was a lot of fun, I’m impressed by the unique, creative approach. Making it a workshop style, was educational for everyone participating and the weather cooperated as well! From what we’ve been learning so far, children need to go outdoors more during Phys Ed class. As aforementioned, the presentation group did a beautiful job of tackling the lesson. I was not an easy week to teach but they looked at it in a different lens than I would have failed to recognize, and it turned out to bed amazing. With a frenzy of students walking around outside and the limited time, they planned the lesson not only to work around these inhibitors but also as an educational experience for everyone in the class, who is trying to learn how to teach. Each station was completely unique and equally enjoyable. I’m glad they taught things this way because now I know that when I am asked to teach outside, I have a bag of tricks to pull from. Like Steve has been saying, the bar has been elevated, and for us a spectators, we are starting to increase our own expectations for future practical reference.

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  1. Rylan, like you, I also thought last week was one of the most fun and interesting classes thus far. I loved, Loved, LOVED it! Also, with the sun was shining so brightly, it added some more sparkle to the day.

    What a great idea to go outside to simultaneously learn and play! The way the group teach organized the different activities were very thoughtful and creative with the space given. In small groups, the class rotated through four different sections, learning and understanding about spatial awareness, creative and abstract thinking, team work, communication, and elements to outdoor activities and education.

    The activities were different and therefore, brought upon something new each time we moved from one section to the next. It peaked our interests every time the group leader told us it was time to rotate! Their time management for the rotations of different sections, as well as group discussion, were executed very well.

    I really enjoyed learning outdoors. The different venue from the normal class or gym setting was refreshing. It was hard to have to go back indoors to attend the next class! In the end, we had great weather, a great time, and a fantastic group teach from Brianna, Lexi, Jackie, and Katy. Job well done, ladies!

  2. I agree. Having PE class outside with the sun shining really energized me for class. I really enjoyed the creativity the group showed in their lesson plan. I’ve never really explored the UBC campus so they allowed me to see my surroundings in a new way and how I could apply the outdoors to my future lesson plans. I also learned a lot about our campus like when Katy explained the upside down tree and why it was like that. I never even knew it existed.
    I also liked the variety in their activities. I was thinking we would do just one activity outside as a group but dividing it into stations and having your group work as pairs or a team really helped people feel included especially with the first activity where you had to complete the list. I also liked the balloon game where you had to get the balloon across to the other side by working as a team and using your body. It was harder than it looked. Then when they built on it by adding another balloon it just forced you to be more creative. The other team actually put their leg in between their partner to get a grip on the balloon which I found to be a very good strategy.
    Overall I think the group did a fantastic job and it was a nice way to finish the week!

  3. Rylan, I completely agree with you about this lesson. It was a great lesson and I really enjoyed the approach they took. Learning and doing is so important and this group gave us that opportunity. It was also a very neat way to incorporate active activities, outdoors and creative activities. The range from creating a picture with nature to flying airplanes to running to the flag pole and back was great. I had originally only thought of outdoor education as something that needed to be physical and get our students moving but this opened my eyes to a variety of ways students can experience the outdoors.

  4. Going outside is always very risky because of the weather, but it worked out really well for this group. I just want to say GREAT job Brianna, Katy, Jackie and Lexi. I agree with Rylan it was a unique, creative way to approach this lesson. I was impressed right at the beginning, with how you had us follow you. The flags were a great idea; it was easy to follow especially with so many students walking around. Your directions were very clear, and easy to grasp. I have done different stations and I know that it can be very difficult to monitor, but because the way you used the space you were able to keep everyone focused. The games were super easy and fun and worked well. All of you were very knowledgeable, and the discussion was really informative. Yes Rylan, the bar has been set even higher that it has been. I now have more activities to use when I have my own outdoor class.

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