Alternate Environment Reflection- Group B

This week we focused on bringing physical education to an alternative environment. Prior to the group teach I could not envision any outdoor activities that moved away from competitive sports so I was excited to see what they had planned for us! The predator game was also a great way to complement what we engaged in last week with the space invaders activity. It was not a matter of winning or losing, but rather having that teaming up element  to eliminate that competitive and humiliation aspect of games.  As always, I was blown away and inspired by the many different possibilities outdoor education had to offer. I thought this was such an excellent group  teach because being outdoors made me feel both at peace and energised at the same time.  For the last year I have been more interested in mindfulness and Lisa’s cool down activity was such a unique way to incorporate this approach into physical education. It was so surprising at how quickly I was able to calm down and ground myself after being overly excited during the predator game. As a hyper-active individual, I myself struggle with this and it always worried me to think of strategies to facilitate calming activities to bring down the energy of a collective group of children. Especially when thoroughly planning for an alternate education lesson, mindfulness can help contain the energy of the group to ensure the safety of all children. Just as the group explained, these kinds of activities revolve around trust, awareness and safety.

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