Group B – Tina Gill week 6

Today’s P.E. class offered us with an alternate approach (outdoor education) to teach/learn P.E. rather than the traditional style inside of a gym that is enclosed by four walls. I enjoyed going outside and getting fresh air because this helps with our cognitive development, which is very crucial for younger students. I believe students should be exposed to the outdoor environment, so they understand the appropriateness of it and behave in a good manner. A valuable lesson that I learnt today is regarding safety while being outdoors, especially with a large group of children. I liked how as a class we established boundaries and discussed what a lost child should do. These types of lessons are not taught explicitly in our textbooks, but we as teachers should be made aware and be prepared for anything.

The game that we played today, predator and prey, is not only fun but also a great tool for teaching students subjects like science and understanding Darwin’s Theory – survival of the fittest. Participating in this game engages students in making quick critical-thinking decisions of how to beat their opponent. Students have to strategize and adapt to their environment. Every student has a unique skill that he or she can use this to their advantage; likewise every animal has tricks to survive and avoid their predators.

Great job to the group who lead our class and made outdoor education exciting!

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