Dance lesson plan (Jessica, Rebecca, Iris, Cheryl)

Unit: Dance   Grade: 3/4
Date: October 30, 2015 Title: “Whip nae nae”
Lesson duration  30 minutes
PURPOSE (Big ideas) To practice locating yourself in a safe space

To use movement skills to express our emotions and creative self through dance

PLO’s (Content)


Students will learn:


1.   Proper technique for fundamental movement skills (locomotor)

2. Movement concepts (spatial and body awareness)

3. How to participate in different types of physical activities such as rhythmic activities



Students will demonstrate by:


1. Incorporating movements learned in activity 1 into activity 2

2. Being aware of the space around them and when it is safe to move

3. Using the fundamental skills taught (lunges, jumping jacks etc.) to relocate themselves in new spaces in the gym

5. Combining everything into a final dance

SWBAT (Curricular competencies)[students will be able to…]
  1. Develop and apply a variety of fundamental movement skills in a variety of physical activities and environments
  2. Apply a variety of movement concepts and strategies in different physical activities
  3. Develop and demonstrate safety, fair play, and leadership in physical activities
  • Rhythmic ribbons or scarves
  • Music
  • Speakers
  • Shakers
Elements of the lesson Estimated Time Instruction
Opener (the hook)  


2 Minute

  • Ask students if they know/ have heard about the whip nae nae dance. If someone does maybe they could should us a move..if not we may show a move as a hook.
  • By the end of this lesson you will know a few moves for the dance!
  • Safety instructions and whistle cues.
Warm up activity

  • Popcorn dance

3-5 minutes

  • Everyone grabs a ribbon, scarf or shaker.
  • Start off in a little ball (kernel) of popcorn
  • Once the music starts, slowly start ‘popping’ as the music speeds up students begin moving to the beat of the song and expressing themselves by moving (dancing) around the gym.

20 seconds


Blow whistle twice to signal that students need to meet back in the center of the gym.
Activity 1

  • 4 corner animal game

5-10 minutes

  • Each corner will be given an animal and each animal will have an action.

–       Bear: all fours crawl

–       Starfish: jumping jack

–       Lemur: high knees

–       Tiger: lunges

  • Ms. Ramberg will be calling out two different animals at once and students standing in those animal corners must then move to the other group’s corner.
  • Students must only use the action that their corners animal does while moving.
  • Students are encouraged to be expressive and portray the specific animal in their facial expressions, and body movement.
  • If students hear the music come on. They are to stop where they are and practice the ‘whip nae nae’ move.
  • Ms. Ramberg will demonstrate each action and move before the students are grouped off.
Activity 2

  • Whip nae nae dance

8 minutes

  • Ms. Leclerc will be leading the class in the full dance routine.
  • Students will be informed that we are looking to see them try each move that we learned at least once and after that they are welcome to follow along with Ms. Leclerc or interpret the dance they way they feel comfortable.
  • It will be made clear that there is more than one right way to dance and it is about expressing yourself and doing what feels comfortable.

  • Create your own move

3 minutes

  • Ms. Naka will split the group into two. (or 4?)
  • Each group will be given 2 minutes to create a new action/move to replace the starfish jumping jack.
  • Two groups at a time the music will be played and each group will show off their knew dance move.
TRANSITION 20 seconds Blow the whistle twice and students will return to the centre for the cool down.
Cool down and closure

  • Lana Del Ray-Video Games

5 minutes

  • Ms. Hall will lead the students in a cool down activity.
  • This will involve stretching out the muscles used during class
  • While stretching, reflection and further thinking questions will be asked to the students (I.e. Are there any other songs you would like to learn moves to? Did anyone have a favourite animal move today?)

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