Health and Physical Literacy

Congratulations Cheryl, Rob, Elizabeth and Mary! I thought you did a fantastic job with your presentation on Friday. I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s teaching persona come out during the different activities. For instance, I thought Mary had a more warm and gentle voice while Elizabeth’s was very enthusiastic and encouraging which also helped to suit the activities they were doing. I loved the warm up and cool down activity which involved students imagining themselves as animals. From my experience, primary students absolutely love animals and thought these activities were a great way for students to use their imagination. I also loved the instant activity where we each used our bodies to form different letters of the alphabet. This was very creative and allowing students to form partners based on where they were in the gym when the music stops is a great way for them to form relationships with different people.

I thought having sixteen stations was an excellent idea and I loved how Elizabeth said students are free to explore which ever stations they want. This made all of the activities sound really fun and exciting. I also liked how all of the different activities came together to help promote mental, emotional and physical health. Iā€™m a great fan of mindfulness and loved the positivity wall and the meditation centre. I think a lot of students might sometimes get overwhelmed with all of the noises and activities that go on in PE and this is a great way to calm themselves down. I also liked how all of the stations were positioned around the sides of the gym and I feel it would be quite easy for a teacher to stand in the centre and monitor what was going on in the different stations. Overall, it was an excellent presentation and all of the presenters should be very proud of the hard work they put into their lesson.

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