Final Blog Post – ABC Cohort

Wow, what a semester! It’s so weird to think that the PE course is over. This semester, we were thrown into the world oh physical literacy and education where we challenged our previous notions and idea. The group today on Nutrition and Health fully showed how to make PE lesson cross curricular. We showed how to not only extend lessons from previous classes and bring them into the PE setting, but how to make educational and engaging activities for our students. The activities we did today, like the health food race, and the warm up, were not only fun, but really brought in the knowledge of the food pyramid and how to make healthy choices. The importance of bringing in healthy choices and having that discussion with your students is super important in today’s society, especially since everything is digitized and processed. Incorporating subjects and topics such as the health food pyramid really brought the lessons and activities into context and helped everything to make sense. The presenters really did a fantastic job in facilitating the group and treating us like their given age group. It was a lot of fun to see another cross-curricular lesson and learning about healthy choices! 😀

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