Health and Physical Literacy

The last group teach was a fun way to end them all. Liz, Rob, Cheryl and Mary did a great job getting all of us involved and moving around with their instant activity. Movement is extremely important when teaching physical literacy and understanding how our bodies move. The group chose to do this through music and dance. I thought that this was a great game especially for kindergarten to grade 3. It is important to allow children to explore the different ways in which their bodies through animal movements. These different animal movements focus on locomotion skills which are considered to be fundamental in physical literacy.

Next we moved on to the small group discussions. My group was led by Liz. We talked a lot about  healthy living and well-being, we talked about how we could incorporate healthy living into our classrooms when we are not doing PE. This moved us into the main activity. There were more than 12 stations we could move to freely, without instruction. There were small explanations of what was to be done at each station and it was nice that we were allowed to move to the specific stations that we were interested in. Each station was optional. My one concern with this is making sure that your students are actually working at the station that they are at. Keeping them motivated to keep at that station or to try a new one might be tricky when you are the only teacher in the  gym with 30 students. The age group is also important to consider. Classroom management would really have to be monitored. Overall, I think that the group teach went well and it was a lovely way to end.

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  1. This last group teach was a lot of fun, I agree. It was well put together and allowed for many different options. By giving many different options that the children could choose from, the students were able to choose what they enjoyed doing, and learning how to move their bodies in certain ways. At the beginning warm up activity, I loved the idea of having to get together with other people to make particular shapes out of our bodies. Then to get together as a large group to create CITE was a very fun idea (and made for a great photo). Then having up act out certain animals was so much fun. Students were able to be creative and recall what they know those animals act like or do. I know I had certain ideas of what a snake looked like, but I was also able to learn from my classmates what they view snakes to look like. It was a very creative excessive.
    The tic-tac-toe main activity was amazing. I was drawn to the places where not many other of my classmates were. I went to the one where I had to dance to some music with jingling bells. I also went to the positive wall were we had to draw and write positive comments. I ended at the open corner and me, along with some others played a game called hungry hippos, and that was the most fun I’ve had in a long time!
    Thanks group!!

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