October 21st – Movement Journal #5: Gymnastics

What a great class today! Amy, Sydney, and Maria did such a wonderful job teaching gymnastics to younger children (Kindergarten). I was admittedly skeptical when I first saw Gymnastics as something we could potentially teach in the primary years, but they did a great job of focusing on one gross motor skill that is essential to gymnastics: balance.

They had three stations set up (walking along the beam, balancing a bean bag on your head, and re-ordering yourselves as a team on the beam). I enjoyed the last station the most because it generated a lot of communication and creativity amongst our team. We tried different strategies to move ourselves in the right order, and realized this activity could be adjusted to meet the skill level of any grade.

This class actually reminded me of an a activity I observed in my practicum school during PE. Their instructor divided the class into groups of 2-3 members and they played a modified version of Twister. The instructor would call out “Show me two legs and two arms!” or “Show me three legs and four arms!” It definitely showed creativity and problem-solving skills from the students.


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