December meeting + office key

The last GSCS meeting of 2011 will be held December 14, 2011 in Room 24 at 11:30 am. The following items will be discussed:

1. Graduate Conference Update
2. Faculty Meeting Update
3. Headship
4. Department Review Letter
5. Office Key Deposit and Lock Box Code
6. Office Decor

As most of you are aware, the GSCS now has an office (Room 24)! Up until now, the door was unlocked at all times, making it potentially difficult for people to leave their belongings in the room. To change that, I have installed a lock box for a door key. The code to the lock box is available for any Sociology grad student who wishes to use the room. You simply have to request the code from Heather (see bottom of this post).

However, the deposit for a key is $50. The GSCS executive has decided that it would be best to collect a few dollars from whoever is willing to volunteer a day or two of coffee money to support the establishment of graduate student space in the department. Please let me know if you are willing to kick in a few twoonies and we can determine how to make the exchange (we will also be collecting donations at the meeting, so bring some cash!).

We are also looking to decorate the office, so if you have any posters from previous conferences or any items of decor you would like to donate please feel free to put them in the room.

We will be deciding on a code for the lock box at the meeting – if you plan on using the office, please email our VP Admin, Heather (, after December 14 to receive the code.

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