Kelowna and West Kelowna

I have been thinking a lot during this class as to why the City of Kelowna and the City of West Kelowna seem to be so awkwardly planned.  The main reason that I can come up with is the lake.  Everyone wants to be near the lake or to see the lake.  Our lifestyle revolves around the lake, whither we know it or not.  The main reason people migrate to this area is the lake.  So around the lake there are more and more high rises going up so the amount of people that can be near the lake is much denser.  Also the houses near the lake are extremely expensive, and the lots are very small.  It is all about the view and the connivence of living right on the water.  And between the two cities there is one road that connects them, and that highway is really the only way to get around in the cities.  A driver pretty much has to either cross the highway or merge onto the highway to get anywhere.

This is a problem that I have with the urban planning of the two cities.  There is only one way to get around, and over the lake.  This seems like the worst type of planning. How is this convient or practical for anyone. What if the bridge just happened to get crumble and break. How would people get back and forth. There was no back up plan that went into planning that crossing.

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  1. The bridge has always been a topic of conversation and debated strongly as to the value VS the cost of building an additional bridge. One of the challenges of living in the most beautiful place in Canada.

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