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Multimedia Reflection

Think about an example of how multimedia have been used effectively to enhance your learning.

In ETEC 531, MET students are charged with the task of creating two multimedia productions that respond to any post-unit question. The productions are to make use of images, video, and sound and must between 3-5 minutes.

I’ll be the first to admit that the content and reading material for ETEC 531 has been difficult for me to understand. Because it is heavy on theory, I find some parts to be somewhat boring to read. However, by experiencing the content in a multimedia format, it is easier to understand, far more engaging, and stimulates more of my senses. It is almost as though education is converging with entertainment. I say this because in this digital world, I have become accustomed to being entertained by multimedia where ever I go; you can’t escape it. What does this say about many educational resources that are still heavily print-based? No wonder it is so difficult to engage my students in book reading!

Nearly every multimedia project I have viewed from ETEC 531 has been fantastic and left me worried that I didn’t have the skills required to complete such a task. Nevertheless, I managed to create two productions that I am comfortable submitting for assessment. If you’re interested, you can view my second multimedia production here.

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