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Multimedia Inventory

Please below my first attempt at my comprehensive multimedia inventory. At first, I slightly misunderstood the assignment and created a generic list of multimedia resource sites from where I could take images, audio, and video. Check it out:

Multimedia Inventory Draft 1

After discussing my inventory with a few group members, they recommended that I share information on the specific multimedia resources I used for my LMS thus far. Below is some information in response to their recommendation.

1. Youtube videos: In order to set the context for my LMS novel study, I wanted to share some awesome videos from 1960s America. The video clips are mostly commercials, which were purposefully selected to stimulate dialogue about 1960s American culture. Locating the files was very easy and came at no cost. I simply cut and pasted the URL links into my content module, a process that took about 2 minutes per video. Copyright has been cleared.

Here are the links to these videos:
The Beatles Successful pop and rock band and mentioned in the novel.
Elvis Presley The king of rock and roll.

Chatty Cathy Doll Commercial
Frisbee and Hula-Hoops Commercial
Slinky Commerical

Soft Drinks
Coca-Cola Commercial
Pepsi-Cola Commercial

1966 Ford Mustang Commercial
1965 Corvair Commercial

Movie Stars
Paul Newman Famous actor mentioned frequently in the novel.
Paul Newman and James Dean Rare footage of the two during a screen test

2. Images from Flickr Creative Commons: In an attempt to make my modules more visually appealing and engaging, I searched Flickr CC for some images relevant to my novel study. I also found a great image to use on my splash page! Again the process of cutting and pasting the files took only several minutes and the images are licenced under Creative Commons. There is no cost to use Flickr Creative Commons. Here are the links to the images I used:

Old School Coke Machine

1960s Domestic Interior

Harbor Blvd. 1963

The Outsiders Splash Pic

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