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Into the home stretch!

November 30th, 2008 · 1 Comment

After my week of complete death (term paper, midterm and assignment all due this past Thursday), I’ve been trying to take it a little bit easier before finals start, but it hasn’t really worked.  I’m into push-ahead mode now where I really want to do well and finish school so I can go home to the land of ice and snow (Ontario).

I have a lot to be excited for!  If I can pull of a 70% average this semester, I’m one step closer to doing Go Global next year!  If I don’t qualify for this program, I am seriously going to cry.

Excited to go home too, my parents are putting off their Christmas decorating until my brother, our friend Miyuki and I get home on the 17th so Miyuki can really get a good Canadian Christmas experience.  🙂 Last year, that was one of the big things that I missed, since it’s always been a tradition in my family.

Alright, time to run off for a pre-birthday dinner!  My birthday’s on December 15, ie. right in the middle of finals, so we all agreed that earlier was better.  Good luck to everyone!!

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