News of the Week; May 22, 2013

1. Ryan Hart v. Electronic Arts (USCA 3rd) – “NCAA Football” right of publicity opinion filed May 21, 2013:

2. Nintendo targets user YouTube videos:

3. Nintendo’s YouTube Ad-Grab Is Playing With Fire:

4. Virtual and augmented reality: the next big legal controversy for games?:

5. Shady Shadow of the Eternals T&C’s ‘a mistake’

6. Former GTA Producer: Why I’ll Never Work On Violent Games Again:

7. Researchers: Games With Human Opponents Make Players More Aggressive:

8. Nova Scotia new tort of cyberbullying:

9. Blehm v. Jacobs: Can you Infringe the Copyright of a Stick Figure?:

10. Lawmakers Show Concerns About Google’s New Glasses:

11. Google’s business practices to be investigated by Canadian Competition Bureau:

12. Is the Patent System Working or Broken? A Discussion with Four Distinguished Federal Judges – (Event Audio/Video):

13. The Remixing Dilemma: The Trade-off Between Generativity and Originality – Benjamin Mako Hill & Andrés Monroy-Hernández:

14. Resale of digital music: US v EU approach:

15. Apple Avoided Billions in Taxes, Congressional Panel Says:


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