News of the Week; May 29, 2013

1. Atari Seeks Permission to Hold Asset Auctions in July from Bankruptcy Court

2. German commissioner highlights Xbox One privacy concerns:

3. Can the next generation consoles block used games?:

4. Cheating in Online Video Games:

5. Gaming Tax Credits: A Developer’s Guide to Free Money:

6. ESA Releases 2012 Annual Report:

7. The legal status of virtual goods

8. Demcak v. Vo, 2013 BCSC 899 (unlike Ontario, no common law tort in B.C. for invasion of privacy:

9. User Generated Content Under Canadian Copyright Law:

10. Revoking an “implied” software license:

11. Vermont Enacts The Nation’s First Anti-Patent Trolling Law:

12. Teens, Social Media, and Privacy: New Survey Findings from Pew and the Berkman Center:

13. Facing Pressure, Facebook Will Review Efforts to Bar Hate Speech:

14. If You Thought Copyright Was A Mess On Earth, What Does It Look Like In Space?:


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