News of the Week; June 5, 2013

1. Athletes’ rights of publicity trump First Amendment in video game context:

2. The Future of Video Games – A Box and a Cloud:

3. Canadian Video Game Industry Critical Component of New Digital Economy and Source of National Pride; Contributes $2.3 Billion to GDP:

4. Russian Hacker Pirates The Dishwasher, Calls it ‘Justice’

5. Let’s Play crackdown is an attack on game culture:

6. Pre-owned crackdown is a sad excuse for business innovation:

7. Mamma Mia: Nintendo Flexes Copyright Against YouTube Video Game Reviewers:

8. Research: Video Games Make Teens Better Citizens:

9. Were truckloads of ‘E.T.’ Atari cartridges buried in New Mexico? A film crew is about to find out:

10. I Am A Gamer: One Woman’s Push For Change Through Charity Game Jams:

11. When It May Not Pay to Be Famous:

12. Google must obey FBI’s warrantless requests for user data for now, judge rules:

13. Trial on E-Book Price-Fixing Puts Apple in Spotlight:

14. In China, an Empire Built by Aping Apple:


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