Getting in the Last Bit of Sun before the Monsoon Season – By Brandon Wong

If you still haven’t gone to the beach you might want to go soon, before the rain starts. It’s the perfect place for a picnic or just hanging out. We’ve been pretty lucky so far this year; September usually has much more rain. There’s still enough sun around to hit up the local beaches.

The closest beaches to UBC are Wreck Beach (where the naked people are) and Tower Beach. As it is getting chilly outside, less nudists frequent the beach during this season. Wreck beach is nice and sandy, and fairly open when the tide is down. To get there, take the trail by Vanier, and walk down a long flight of stairs. Keep in mind that it is a long way back up, and there is no light either.

Tower beach is North of Gage; to get there you can take Beach Trail #3. The beach itself is quite rocky compared to Wreck. Moving away from UBC in the eastern direction, you can find Spanish Banks, Locarno Beach, and Jericho Beach. They are easily accessible using the C19 or the 4 or 84 and a quick walk. Alternatively, it is a fun bike ride down Northwest Marine Drive (UBC has a higher elevation than the beach; it’s a long way up).

The beach is a great place to watch the sunset (super romantic). Especially now that the sun sets earlier, you can go right after dinner. It’s a tad cold at night so bring a blanket and cuddle up 😉
*note, drinking in public is illegal in BC (no wine, beer, etc)

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