How to Eat Healthier Under the Time Crunch

by: Marta Biernacki

We’ve all been there, two midterms and a paper due this week, with no time to wash our socks let alone cook a healthy meal.  But it IS possible to be healthy under a time crunch!  Here are some tips and tricks that can help.

  1. Buy quick and easy to prepare foods, and ones that last a long time

One of the best ways to maintain healthy eating is to make it easy.  When you’re grocery shopping, for fruits and veg especially, buy things that are simple to prepare and have a longer shelf life to prevent buying something you won’t use.   Some of my favourite quick fruits and veggies are apples, bananas, carrot sticks, and anything frozen – frozen chopped spinach is a great source of vitamins, if you want to get those leafy greens in.

Add some protein to give you energy!  Eggs are amazing for the fact that they are a complete protein and super quick to cook!  Have some quinoa (it cooks just like rice), or some tofu.  Nuts are a great source of protein, and canned tuna can be added into salads, pasta sauces, and put on sandwiches.  If you want to get something more substantial in, grab a sweet or regular potato, poke it a couple times with a fork and zap it in the microwave for ten minutes (just don’t put it in tin foil).  Potatoes are super quick to cook and really nutrient dense!  I like topping mine with some avocado and salsa.

  1. Bring a healthy snack with you

Keep yourself from noshing on bakery goods or candy by bringing a snack with you to your study spot.  I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so I like to bring some fruit, like an apple or a banana, and peanut butter (it makes me feel like I’m eating frosting…), Other options include dried fruit or some trail mix,  some veggies and hummus or a cheese stick would be great too if you favour the savoury side.

  1. Drink LOTS of water

If you have a headache, are feeling tired or even feeling hungry, you may be dehydrated.  Try to have a glass of water before you eat a meal, and drink water throughout the day.

  1. But I NEED FOOD

If you do eat out, get something that will keep you full, and aim for lots of nutrients.  Get whole grain bread, and pick things with lots of veggies.  Try to get something with protein (like cheese, tofu, meat, eggs, yogurt, etc.) to keep you full longer.

  1. Add in the good stuff

If you’re making mac and cheese, add in some frozen peas or corn to add a boost of fiber and nutrients.  Make instant noodles more filling by cracking an egg into the broth while it’s cooking in the microwave or on the stove, or add some veggies like green onions or broccoli.

I hope these tips have helped, and good luck to everyone this midterm season!

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