With Midterms Ending

By Gabi Diner

Residence Advisor

With midterms ending, and finals around the corner (sadly), everyone is starting to think of their study crunch schedules. Along with late nights comes the wave of unhealthy snacks and high sugar/caffeine drinks to keep you awake during the early morning hours. Be nice to your body and brain this finals season, and dig into some healthy study snacks and drinks!

1) Frozen Grapes



Go to the supermarket and get some seedless grapes. Stick ‘em in your freezer overnight.

These crunchy, super sweet delights always make a fun study snack. You can also pop them into your water as delicious grape ice cubes.

2) Apple and Peanut Butter


Warm up some peanut butter in the microwave and slice your apples for a crisp’n’smooth study snack. This snack is perfect for keeping the hunger at bay, and satisfying your rich food cravings.

3) Trail Mix


Go to your local grocery store and dabble in the bulk foods isle – you can make your own scrumptious trail mix. It’s easy to sneak in some dark chocolate among the dried fruit and nuts, and good for you too, in small quantities. If you’re not sure what you like, there are many pre-packaged trail mix baggies to pick from.

4) Coffee and Tea


Yep, it’s time to ditch the energy drinks and caffeine pills. You can get all the wakefulness you need from a nice cuppa joe or tea. Coffee gives you a quicker caffeine fix, but caffeinated tea keeps your energy up for longer.


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