Ten Tips to Help You CRUSH Your Exams

By Cynthia Naslund

Residence Advisor

With the exam season just around the corner, it’s important that you are equipped to tackle your challenges head-on! Here are some tips to make sure that this exam season is one of success:

1. Create a schedule complete with exam dates and daily revision tasks. Find a balance that is appropriate for your exams and stick to it!

2. Organize your study space and material. Get rid of distractions and organize each course’s material so that you are not fumbling through countless pages of looseleaf.

3. Review and re-do your old midterms and quizzes. Book an appointment if needed to access your previous exams. This lets you know what areas you need to focus on.

4. Find a study buddy! Explain concepts to each other and quiz each other.

5. Scatter your day with study breaks. Whether it’s a quick jog or phone call to a friend, make sure that you are giving your brain a break.

6. Make use of ‘brain food’. Although treats are nice, it’s important to consume nutritious foods like fish nuts, seeds—items that are have been said to improve concentration

7. Get enough sleep before your exams. Go into the exam well-rested, as opposed to exhausted from last night’s all-nighter. Chances are that the extra sleep will aid in a more efficient and unclogged brain.

8. Get a hold of past exams through friends, a Google search or talk to your professor about seeking resources for extra practice! Extra practice will help prepare you for potential questions.

9. Make your own notes! Instead of memorizing long blocks of text, condense the info by creating notes that retain critical points and concepts.

10. Never forget that positive attitude = positive results

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