Online Grocery Shopping

Don’t want to travel to Safeway? Birtto and others can help you.

It’s time for class. You wake up, and look in the fridge. You manage to find some waffles, but you know that you need to go grocery shopping after class today. Unfortunately, it started raining(as expected of Raincouver), and you feel exhausted after stening to your professors’ crazy lectures. You don’t really want to make the special trip out to Save-on-Foods to buy some food, but you know that you need to. The struggle is real.

Does this sound all too familiar to you? Even with all the technological breakthroughs and lifestyle changes in the past couple of decades, grocery shopping hasn’t shown much improvement in terms of convenience.unnamed

BUT, there are options for you! There are now companies that allow you to grocery shop online and have all your food delivered straight to your doorstep which is just as economical as physically shopping. Birtto, a company which specializes on UBC students, is someone who can help you. Check them out at their website HERE 

By Irene Chen



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