Exam crunch? don’t forget about these!

As finals are fast approaching, so is the dreaded anxiety that comes with them. Your social life becomes a distant memory as you organize notes, tackle tedious readings and sacrifice sleep for review sessions. Fortunately, the walter gage blog has a few de-stressing activities that will help you get through the chaos of exam season with a cool head.

1. Get up and move it: Rather than sitting still for hours when looking over notes, take breaks regularly. A light jog around the block while you listen to your favourite tunes will keep your brain awake. Remember, studying for too long can cause muscle strain and brain fatigue.

2. Drop the bass: Stay active as you turn up the volume on your iPod. Music and dancing is relaxing and an effective way to lower stress.

3. Deep breaths: During high-anxiety periods, we tend to breathe rapidly as a response to a sympathetic “fight or flight” nervous system. Try deep breathing. Inhale for five to ten seconds, hold for four and exhale all the way. Repeat nine times.

4. Om Shanti Shanti: A clear mind is an efficient mind. When you have too many thoughts at once, join a yoga class or do silent stretches at home.

5. Do you even lift?: A handful of students hit the gym to de-stress. When studying becomes overwhelming, pump some iron, hit the treadmill and get the mind and body working.

6. You are what you eat: Brain activity opens your appetite so staying energized is vital when studying. Junk food lacks essential nutrients the brain needs to function. Instead, substitute a McDonald’s run for almonds, vegetables, fish, fruits, eggs and Greek yogurt.

– Vinayak Chabria

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