12 Reasons Why I Like Cheese Better Than Pretty Much Anything Else

1.Brie tastes even better when melted than when solid
2.Cheddar can be white or yellow
3.You can eat cheese with every meal of the day or even a snack
4.Cheese tastes good with other things and good alone
5.There are special plates meant just for cheese
6.My aunt makes a great bread bowl with melted cheese inside
7.Grilled cheese tastes even better with ranch (my other favourite food)
8.Once Beyonce ate cheese
9.Cheez-whiz is the condiment version of cheese. Few foods have their own condiments
10.The average american consumes 33 lbs of cheese annually. I consume 33 lbs of cheese weekly
11.Cheese can be any type of fancy you want it to be
12.Cheese will be always be there for you
TLDR Cheese is sacred and should not be disrespected

-Teal imbeau

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