AMS Elections 2015

The Alma Mater Society, or AMS, is the student government on campus representing over 50,000 graduate and undergraduate UBC students. On an annual basis, the AMS provides support to students through services like SafeWalk and Speakeasy, events like Block Party, and businesses like the Pit Pub and Blue Chip.

The AMS is a student organization run by an Executive team elected from the greater student body every year during the spring. This year, elections will be taking place in March, and the new group of Executive will be taking office in the beginning of May. In order to get the conversation rolling, here are the Executive positions that will be elected and the names of the official 2015/2016 nominees:


The top dog of the AMS, this person is responsible for representing the voice of students as the Society’s main spokesperson. Besides being the figurehead, the President is responsible for building a strong team dynamic among fellow Executives, the AMS staff, and the body of elected student representatives on AMS Council.

This year’s candidates are:

  • Aaron Bailey
  • Cheneil Antony-Hale
  • Tanner Bokor
  • V

Vice-President Academic and University Affairs

This executive is responsible for liaising with the University on issues related to academics, housing, and student life, among many others. Previous projects have included lobbying the UBC Senate for establishment of an Exam Database, conducting the Acadia Park Community Needs Assessment, and representing the student voice on the recent proposed increases to tuition and housing fees.

This year’s candidate is:

  • Jenna Omassi

Vice President Administration

The VP Admin is the go-to person for new capital projects, such as the soon-to-be-opened AMS Student Nest, as well as the main liaison to AMS student clubs as chair of the Student Administrative Commission (SAC). They also oversee the operations of the SUB Art Gallery exhibition space.

This year’s candidates are:

  • Ava Nasiri
  • Alexander Remtulla
  • James Jing

Vice President Finance

As the name suggests, this person is in charge of managing the millions of dollars in the AMS budget, ensuring that students’ money is spent responsibly and with their best interests in mind. They chair the Finance Commission, and also oversee the Sustainability Coordinator.

This year’s candidates are:

  • Mateusz Miadlikowski
  • William Pigott

Vice President External Affairs

If VP A&UA is the connection to the University, this person is the connection to the outside world. Responsible for engaging with all levels of government, as well as other Student Societies across the country, the focus of this office has been primarily on encouraging discussions around a rapid transit solution for the Broadway corridor.

This year’s candidates are:

  • Marjan Hatai
  • Janzen Lee
  • Jude Crasta

The official campaign begins March 3rd and closes on March 13th. Visit for more information on candidates, as well as instructions on how to vote!

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