[March 8 Presentation] Links and Discussion Questions


First Nations culture and communities

South African Apartheid history

Understanding settler colonialism (specific to Canadian context)

From the presentation: Mount Elgin barn etchings video


Discussion Questions

  1. What does “reconciliation” entail to different identities?  (To survivors, to the government, to settlers, to researchers, etc.)
  2. Does “reconciliation” look different inside and outside of the archive? If so, how can we connect these different imaginings of “reconciliation” in order to construct a social future?
  3. How can we work with information and knowledge about social history within archives without trapping events in the past? (i.e. How can we treat reconciliation as an ongoing process rather than a one-time historical moment?)

**Please feel free to add to, respond to, or give feedback on, any of these links or discussion questions.**


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