Canada: Native education program gets an F: audit

by E Wayne Ross on March 19, 2009

Chronicle Journal: Native education program gets an F: audit

OTTAWA – The Harper government flunks accountability, says a new audit that blasts lax controls over almost $300 million meant to help native students get to college or university.

The bruising report calls for tighter tracking of that cash and says funding has not kept pace with tuition hikes.

Ottawa does not trace how many native kids beat staggering odds to make it through high school only to be denied help to go on.

It spent $292 million last year to help 23,000 students – that’s down from a high of 27,000 funding recipients a decade ago.

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Sean 09.07.09 at 8:19 am

Your comment has two interesting points: 1) lax control over the spending which always implies squandering at some point by someone, and 2) the number of students are decreasing. My question is why is the government paying for their education in the first place – I never received any funding and I am born Canadian? I had to get a job to pay for my loans and for bills that the loans could not cover, why would a native not do the same or is not expected to do the same? How about we treat all Canadians equal?

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