Kentucky: Vote of ‘No Confidence’ in Board That Abolished Tenure

by E Wayne Ross on April 6, 2009

Inside Higher Ed: Vote of ‘No Confidence’ in Board That Abolished Tenure

On Friday, the faculty at Southeast Kentucky Community College passed a motion of “no confidence” in the president and Board of Regents of the Kentucky Community and Technical College system by a vote of 68 to 30. The motion cites the board’s recent decision to abolish tenure and retirement health benefits for all new employees hired after July 1. Southeast faculty behind the vote indicated that they expect many more faculty groups at the system’s 16 colleges to hold similar votes in the coming weeks. Richard Bean, chair of the Board of Regents, said the system leadership is “always listening” but did say he was “disappointed” in the college’s vote: “The board has listened for two years, and we had a very clear vote that we wanted to have the ability to meet the needs of Kentucky’s students. We wish [the faculty who voted ‘no confidence’] were as concerned about the students and population of the Commonwealth as [is the board]. We’re sorry that they don’t want the system to be agile enough to provide the type of education we want to provide and for the topics that need to be given at any given time.”