Furor Over Anti-Gay Blog

by E Wayne Ross on November 13, 2009

Inside Higher Ed: Furor Over Anti-Gay Blog

Bert Chapman knows that his reason for opposing what he calls “the homosexual lifestyle” — that it differs from his view of Biblical norms — won’t win many arguments these days in the secular world. So Chapman, a blogger who is also a librarian at Purdue University, turned to economics. And at his Conservative Librarian blog, he argues that gay people are an economic drain.

He cites the billions spent on fighting AIDS “without recognizing the morally aberrant sexual behavior … causing its spread” and the “sad practice” of colleges and other employers offering domestic partner benefits in a way that “prevents them from providing additional coverage to those of us adhering to traditional sexual moral standards”; he goes on to say that gay people are causing economic problems in fields such as real estate and divorce law

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George Vreeland Hill 03.03.11 at 6:44 pm

Society is sick of hate.
Anti-gay or anti-whatever is stupid and people are tired of it.

George Vreeland Hill

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