IUP president hit with overwhelming no-confidence vote

by E Wayne Ross on December 23, 2009

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: IUP president hit with overwhelming no-confidence vote

INDIANA, Pa. — Faculty at Pennsylvania’s largest state-owned university returned an overwhelming vote of no confidence in the leadership of Indiana University of Pennsyvlania president Tony Atwater.

Results of three days of balloting by the campus chapter of the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties was announced by a union vice-president during this afternoon’s Indiana Council of Trustees meeting.

A total of 777 individuals, from full-time tenured faculty to part-time adjunct instructors, were eligible to vote. Of that, 672 did.

“Of those who voted, more than 84 percent voted that they no longer have confidence in President Atwater’s leadership,” said Francisco Alarcon, a math professor and vice-president of the union’s campus chapter. The union later released numbers on the vote: 568 expressed no confidence; 64 expressed confidence, and 40 abstained from voting on the resolution.

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