Flat Salaries for Senior Officials

by E Wayne Ross on February 22, 2010

Inside Higher Ed: Flat Salaries for Senior Officials

The median raise for senior administrators at colleges and universities for 2009-10 is no raise at all — 0 percent — according to a survey being released today by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources.

Last year’s median raise was 4 percent, but in some respects the two years were similar: In both, the median raise modestly outpaced the inflation rate (which for the most recent year was slightly negative).

By sector and job category the lack of salary increase was almost across the board. The only category of institution with a median increase was private associate degree institutions (a very small part of the two-year college sector), with a median of 2.5 percent. The only job category showing an increase was assistant deans, and only at private colleges, which reported a median salary increase for deans of 1.1 percent.