by E Wayne Ross on February 21, 2010

MARCH 4TH WALKOUT AT NEW SCHOOL – 11.30AM!/event.php?eid=329115704544&ref=nf

In response to a 33% tuition increase at Public Schools across the State, and the brutal suppression of Student Protest, California students have issued a call for a Strike on March 4th. This call quickly spread across the entire country. Students, but also faculty and workers, are set to suffer as a result of State Education Budget cuts, which will lead to larger class sizes, fewer scholarships and decreased opportunities. Folks are also suffering as banks, despite being funded heavily with public bailout money, deny loans to struggling students.

At New School, tuition is set to increase by around 5%, or $3000, at a time when many students can hardly afford lunch. Administrators routinely draw six figure salaries; tuition money is funneled to a building we’ll never see. That insane despot Bob Kerrey has retreated to his Ivory Tower, muttering about transforming the New School into the University of Phoenix, an online-only for-profit institution. His career is over. But the struggle isn’t.

New School was founded as a college for working adults, giving many who never had the opportunity to go to school the chance for an education. Its faculty and students are committed to changing the way our world works; free emancipatory education is a necessity. It’s time for the administration to get with the program.


Announce the walkout in all your classes through the week, via blackboard etc.
Meet at 11.45am outside 66 West 12th Street, we’ll be heading uptown to join the main demo etc.