New Jersey: LAW AND DISORDER: County Sheriff interrupts class

by E Wayne Ross on February 22, 2010

The College Voice: LAW AND DISORDER: County Sheriff interrupts class
Confrontation erupts between sheriff and professor during class

Mercer County Sheriff Kevin C. Larkin and what appeared to be a female aide interrupted a State and Local Politics Class (POL 102) held in MS 205, at Mercer’s West Windsor Campus on February 1.

Associate Professor Michael Glass was conducting a discussion of what changes students would propose to the state budget to avoid the expected $2 billion shortfall. Some students suggested cutting the salaries of what they felt were overpayed state administrators.

The issue of state employees who “double dip” into state pension plans was raised during the class. Students asked Prof. Glass for a local example. At that point, Prof. Glass provided examples of several law enforcement officers, including Sheriff Larkin, who collects a Police and Fire Retirement System Pension as well as a government salary.