Anti-Union Legislation Passes in British Columbia

by Stephen Petrina on March 15, 2012

The draconian, anti-union Educational Improvement Act, Bill 22, passed in the BC Legislature late afternoon today on party lines.  BCTF President Susan Lambert lambasted the legislation as it was passing: “Bill 22 hurts students and attacks teachers’ rights.  It will only make working and learning conditions worse…. Bill 22 ignores the BC Supreme Court ruling last year, which found that contract- stripping legislation regarding class size and composition was unconstitutional.”   The BC Federation of labour tweeted that “Bill 22 passed against overwhelming opposition from BCers. BC Liberals disrespect voters, as they disrespect teachers… BC Liberals chose nasty partisan politics over good of BC’s kids with Bill 22.  Disrespect for teachers will hurt education.”

It’s a sad day for collective bargaining rights in the province. The BCTF meets this weekend in an AGM to debate and decide on the next steps.