Solidarity Looks Like This (Behind Picket Line at SFU)

by Stephen Petrina on November 2, 2012

Prime Time at SFU (Behind CUPE 3338 Picket Line)

Should one wonder what it looks like behind a picket line, look at the web cam photo at SFU at prime time. For the administrators, here, two meeting in the mall, it’s lonely and a time to reflect on how to run a University with no staff, students, or faculty. Or here at SFU, how to give the employees, such as the CUPE 3338 workers on the picket line, the hard earned wages they deserve. Or what else could these managers be wondering?

…and the employees’ and supporter side of the picket line looks like

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Mike Student 11.03.12 at 7:52 pm

Hard earned wages? Electricians, construction workers — everyone in the private sector is getting hit. Raises aren’t going around like they were 2006. We are in a global economic crisis. ….but you need a raise?

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