Students Tell Congress and the President: #DontDoubleMyRates!

by Stephen Petrina on April 20, 2013

At a time when the big banks and the government can borrow money at historically low rates, near 0%, what sense does it make to charge students 6.8% just to obtain an education? Why should educational loans be treated so differently than any other type of loan in America?

Is it not enough that there are no bankruptcy protections or statutes of limitations on the collection of student loan debt? If Congress and the President do absolutely nothing, the costs to students will increase by approximately $1000 per student, per loan.

That’s on top of the already skyrocketing costs of tuition. Enough is enough! Tell Congress and the President: #DontDoubleMyRates!

If you agree that interest rates on federal Stafford Loans should remain low, then please sign this new petition to that effect.

Thank you for your continued help and support!
Sincerely, Rob, Kyle, Natalia, Aaron & The Student Debt Crisis Team