World Water Week 2012

Planning for this year’s World Water Week is well underway and there are a variety of exciting events happening on campus and in the community. The World Water Day committee headed by John Wagner as well as the UBCSUO will help facilitate the events and presentations for World Water Week 2012. World Water Week will commence on Tuesday March 20th and will run through until Thursday March 22nd .  This year the United Nations has selected the theme to be ‘Water and Food Security’.  To kick off the week we will be having the opening ceremonies in the UBCO courtyard on March 20th 12-1:30pm. The opening ceremonies will consist of art installations, musical performances, food vendors and guest speakers all of which promise to be interesting and informative.  This year’s keynote speaker is Yehalem Metiku who is the country representative for Partners in the Horn of Africa, a Canadian charitable organization engaged in community development work in Ethiopia. Once again the Creative Writing students will be hosting a poetry slam and there will also be discussion on the topic of ‘water and food security’ hosted by the Okanagan Basin Water Board. Special thanks to all of the World Water Day Committee members for their valuable input and offers to showcase UBC-O’s commitment to local and global water issues. More details will be soon to come regarding specific events and schedules for the three day WWD event.

Rhiannon Wallace

UBCO World Water Day Student Coordinator


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    is this event open for publics? how can i help?

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