Hello, my name is Yun. I was born in Korea and moved to Canada for Grade 2. I joined Arts One because its schedule gave me a lot of freedom to do what I wanted to do. I unfortunately do not have a grandiose reason for it but regardless I’m hoping it will be a steady first step into post-secondary education. If I were to make a list of facts to describe myself it would look like this:

  • I both love and loathe writing. I’ve written many things and I will show some if asked but, let’s be honest, rarely are they finished. I myself am a work in progress (a mess).
  • I love Halloween. I mean chocolate has a lot to do with it too but there’s also my birthday (November 1st!!!!!!! write it down on your calendar) and really funky bumblebee/pumpkin aesthetics I’m always up for. I will dress up. No one can stop me
  • I’m a big fan of sci-fi/fantasy so if anyone wants to talk to me about books I’m currently reading Six of Crows. Also I am an avid fan of Star Trek’s Dr. Leonard Horatio “Bones” McCoy. Please talk to me about Star Trek because I will not shut up.
  • I have watched the Cornetto Trilogy multiple times which is a tragedy as I cannot think of Steve Coogan as anyone other than Phileas Fogg running with Jackie Chan’s Passpartout and this very idea throws me off the plot of corrupt, murderous villagers every time
  • I used to play piano competitively. I now have a kazoo

I look forward to finding my peers and myself improving our skills as a writer and a student. If there is anything you would like to discuss I am most likely free. I hope to have a fun year together 🙂

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