Collections of animals and insects in Durrell’s Corfu trilogy (book 1) 希腊三部曲动物昆虫图鉴 1 

Among all the books I read in 2020, my favorite is Durrell’s Corfu trilogy. The books humorously described the colorful childhood of naturalist Gerald Durrell when he and his widowed mother, satiric elder brother Larry, gun-mad brother Leslie, and naïve sister Margo stayed in Corfu island in Greece. The beautiful natural scenery of the island and the hospitable locals are beckoning to me so much. The books have been adapted into a great TV series (The Durrells in Corfu) that has pictured many interesting stories of the family with animals and insects in the island. But I think there are still a lot more to see. Therefore, I am making a collection of the animals and insects mentioned in the books. If there is any misinformation, please feel free to leave your comments. 2020 has been a hard year, as we had to stay indoor and quarantined. I wish this article can recall your lovely memories with wildlife.

我在2020年所读过的书中,最喜欢的就是德雷尔的希腊三部曲。书里用年幼的杰瑞的视角,幽默风趣地描绘了个性迥异的德雷尔一家人在希腊科孚岛的精彩生活。科孚岛风光秀美,当地人热情好客 ,令人心生向往。虽然小说已被翻拍成一部优秀的电视剧,但限于篇幅,许多可爱的昆虫和动物没能获得足够的镜头,实乃憾事一桩。兴趣使然,我尝试着收集了一些不常见的, 或是令我印象深刻的昆虫和动物的图片和资料,分享给大家。由于非专业出身,若资料有错或不全请多多谅解。愿疫情快快结束,我们都能回归阳光快乐的生活!

第一部:《追逐阳光之岛》(the first book: My Family and Other Animals)
  1. 草蛉 (Green lacewings)

(截图自草蛉下蛋视频 from the video:


“I found a lacewing-fly on the roses and watched her as she climbed about the leaves, admiring her beautiful, fragile wings like green glass, and her enormous liquid golden eyes. Presently she stopped on the surface of a rose-leaf and lowered the tip of her abdomen. She remained like that for a moment and then raised her tail, and from it, to my astonishment, rose a slender thread, like a pale hair. Then, on the very tip of this stalk, appeared the egg. The female had a rest, and then repeated the performance until the surface of the rose-leaf looked as though it was covered with a forest of tiny club moss. The laying over, the female rippled her antennae briefly and flew off in a mist of green gauze wings.”

——(第二章 草莓别墅)(From Chapter 2: The Strawberry-Pink Villa)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):草蛉是捕食性昆虫,可用来防治虫害。其在幼虫时期不会飞,食量最大。Lacewings feed on insects, so that they can be used for pest control. 


2. 蠼螋 (qu (三声) sou (一声))Earwig

蠼螋和它的窝 Earwig and its nest(图片来源 source:


“I erected a protecting wall of rocks round it, and as an additional precaution I wrote out a notice in red ink and stuck it on a pole nearby as a warning to the family. The notice read: ‘bewar– earwig nest – quiat plese.‘ It was only remarkable in that the two correctly spelt words were biological ones.“

——(第二章 草莓别墅)(From Chapter 2: The Strawberry-Pink Villa)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):俗称夹板子,剪指甲虫。受到威胁时会装死,也会卷起尾巴示威,尾巴含微毒。When in danger, they will either pretend to be dead, or curl their tails which contain venom.


3. 金翅雀 (Goldfinch)

(Public domain photo)


“……and the rough headland where the flocks of garish goldfinches fluttered with excited piping from thistle-head to thistle-head.“

——(第四章 勤学)(From Chapter 4: A Bushel of Learning)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):以植物果实、种子、草子和谷粒等农作物为食,雄鸟颜色比雌鸟明亮。The color of males are brighter than females. 叫声 bird calls:


 4. 活板门蛛 trapdoor spider

(截图自视频 screenshot from the video:


“The facts he told me about the trapdoor spider haunted me: the idea of the creature crouching in its silken tunnel, holding the door closed with its hooked claws, listening to the movement of the insects on the moss above.“

——(第五章 蜘蛛的宝库)(From Chapter 5: A Treasure of Spiders)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):这种蜘蛛的天敌包括一种会叮咬蜘蛛并在它们身上产卵的蛛蜂。蛋孵化后,幼虫会生吞蜘蛛。A kind of spider wasps can sting and lay eggs on the spiders. When the egg hatches, the larva can devour the spider alive.


5. 剑水蚤 Cyclops

Cyclops features a long antennae屁股上带着剑和两个粉色大囊的剑水蚤(图片来源source:


“Into the brilliant circle of white light a weird creature would appear, a pear-shaped body, long antennae that twitched indignantly, a tail like sprigs of heather, and on each side of it (slung like sacks of onions on a donkey) the two large sacs bulging with pink beads.”

——(第六章 嬉春)(From Chapter 6: The Sweet Spring)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):剑水蚤营养丰富,可作为鱼食。Cyclops are rich in nutrition and can be used as fish food.


6. 地胆 (其实应该翻译成油甲虫)oil-beetle (meloe proscaraboeus

雄性油甲虫 Male oil-beetle( 来自维基百科Source:


“It was a large, clumsy, blue-black beetle, with a large round head, long jointed antennae, and a bulbous body. The weird thing about it was its wing-cases; it looked as though it had sent them to the laundry and they had shrunk, for they were very small and appeared to have been constructed for a beetle half the size……. I noticed, after I had picked it up, that my fingers smelled faintly acrid and oily, though it had not appeared to have exuded any liquid that I could see.”

——(第七章 黄水仙别墅)(From Chapter 7: The Daffodil-Yellow Villa)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):它不会飞 Oil beetles can not fly. 


7. 蚁狮 Antlion

蚁狮 Antlion(来源自维基百科 source:


“In the sandy paths the ant-lion larvae dug their little cone-shaped pits, and lay in wait to spatter any unwary ant that stepped over the edge with a bombardment of sand that would send it tumbling down to the bottom of the trap, to be seized in the ant-lion larva’s terrible, pincer-like jaws.”

——(第八章 乌龟山丘)(From Chapter 8: The Tortoise Hills)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):幼虫没有肛门,所有代谢废物都会储存在身体里,一些用于作茧的丝,其余的在蛹阶段结束时作为胎粪排泄。成虫被叫做蚁蛉,长得像蜻蜓。The larva has no anus, and all metabolic wastes are stored in the body. Some of the wastes are used for producing cocoons, and the rest are excreted as meconium at the end of the pupal stage. The adults are called the ant-fly and look like dragonflies.


8. 帝王蛾 emperor moth

帝王蛾幼虫 Caterpillar of emperor moths(图片来源 source:


“Among the heather-blooms the great, fat, furry caterpillars of emperor moths fed slowly, looking like animated fur collars.”

——(第八章 乌龟山丘)(From Chapter 8: The Tortoise Hills)

有趣的小知识: 体型很大,翅膀最高纪录有400 平方厘米。前翅末端的图案形态非常像蛇的头部,又被称为蛇头蛾。是《哥斯拉》系列电影中的著名怪兽摩斯拉的原型。It is very large, and the highest recorded wing length is 400 square centimeters. The pattern at the end of the forewing resembles the head of a snake, also known as a snake-headed moth. It is the prototype of the famous monster, Mothla, in the Godzilla films.


9. 苍头燕雀 chaffinch

雄性 Male(图片来源 source:


“Among the cypress branches the chaffinches had their neat nests, full of gawping, goggle-eyed babies”

——(第八章 乌龟山丘)(From Chapter 8: The Tortoise Hills)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):特点是喙呈灰色,雄性比雌性鲜艳,幼年食昆虫,成年食种子为生,歌声美妙响亮. It is characterized by a gray beak. Males are brighter than females. The young birds are insect eaters, while the adults are seed-eaters. Bird calls


10. 戴菊鸟 Goldcrest

雄性 Male(图片来源 source:


“And on the lower branches the goldcrests weaved their tiny, fragile cups of moss and hair, or foraged for insects, hanging upside down on the ends of the branches, giving almost inaudible squeaks of joy at the discovery of a tiny spider or a gnat, their golden crests gleaming like little forage caps as they flipped daintily through the gloom of the tree.”

——(第八章 乌龟山丘)(From Chapter 8: The Tortoise Hills)

有趣的小知识:性格活泼好动,羽冠只有在特殊时期(危险或求偶)时才展开。Goldcrest has a lively and active character. The crest only stands up at special times (danger or courtship). Bird calls


11. 石蚕 (其实应该翻译成纹蚤)ceriodaphnia laticaudata

图片来源 source:


“‘there is rather a curious caddis larva… there, d’you see it?…um… it appears to have made its case of the shells of certain molluscs…. It’s certainly very pretty.’”

——(第九章 墙中世界)(From Chapter 9: The World in a Wall)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts): 物尽其用的建筑师 Good architect


12. 胡狼  jackal

图片来源 source:维基百科 (


“Once, five jackals appeared out of the murtle bushes, paused in surprise at seeing me, and then melted among the trees, like shadows.”

——(第十章 萤火虫的盛会)(From Chapter 10: The Pageant of Fireflies)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts): 阿努比斯是古埃及处置遗体及地狱的神,其形象就是人身胡狼头。Anubis was the ancient Egyptian god of taking charge of dead bodies and hell, whose image was a human with a jackal head.


13. 夜鹰 Nightjar

图片来源 source:维基百科 (,_Tangkoko,_Sulawesi_(5799113025)_(2).jpg)


“The nightjars on silent, silky wings would slide as smoothly as great black swallows along the rows of olives, sweeping across the grass in pursuit of the drunken, whirling crane-flies.”

——(第十章 萤火虫的盛会)(From Chapter 10: The Pageant of Fireflies)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):从不筑巢。 Nightjar don't make nests. Bird calls


14. 角鸮 Scops owl (杰瑞的尤利西斯 In the book, Gerry named his owl Ulysses)
金色眼睛外加一对像招风耳的毛角的角鸮 A scops owl with golden eyes(图片来源 source:百度百科


“one day I thrust my arm into a hole, and my fingers closed round something small and soft, something that wiggled as I pulled it out. At first glance my capture appeared to be an outsize bundle of dandelion seeds, furnished with a pair of enormous golden eyes; closer inspection proved it to be a young Scops owl, still clad in his baby down.”

——(第十章 萤火虫的盛会)(From Chapter 10: The Pageant of Fireflies)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):喜欢住在树洞中。Scops owl loves to live in a hollow of trees. Bird calls


15. 豆蟹 Pea crab
(图片来源 source:


“In the patches of silver sand the clams were stuck upright in small clusters, their mouths gaping. Sometimes, perched between the shell’s horny lips, here would be a tiny, pale ivory pea crab, the frail, soft-shelled, degenerate creature that lived a parasitic life in the safety of the great shell’s corrugated walls.”

——(第十一章 销魂群岛)(From Chapter 11: The Enchanted Archipelago)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):身体略微透明,壳软,有些人认为吃生蚝的时候里面有豆蟹是好运的象征。The body is slightly transparent and the shell is soft. Some people think that eating oysters with pea crab inside is a sign of good luck.


16. 龙介虫 Serpula

(图片来源 source:


“Interspersed with the clams were the serpulas, beautiful feathery petals, forever moving round and round, perched on the end of a long, thick, greyish tube. The moving petals, orange-gold and blue, looked curiously out of place on the end of these stubby stalks, like an orchid on a mushroom stem. Again the serpulas had a burglar-alarm system but it was much more sensitive than the clams’; the net handle would get within six inches of the whirpool of shimmering petals, and they would suddenly all point skywards, bunch together, and dive head-first down the stalk, so that all that was left was a series of what looked like bits of miniature hosepipe stuck in the sand.”

——(第十一章 销魂群岛)(From Chapter 11: The Enchanted Archipelago)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):有一种龙介虫,由于有两个组成像圣诞树的冠,被称为圣诞树管虫(大旋鳃虫)。There is a serpula called the Christmas tree worm (Spirobranchus giganteus), because it has two crowns that resemble Christmas trees.


17. 蜘蛛蟹 Spider crab


“There were crabs too, fat, green, shiny ones on the tops of the reef, waving their claws in what appeared to be a friendly manner, and down below, on the weedy bed of the sea, the spider-crabs with their strange spiky-edged shells, their long, thin legs, each wearing a coat of weeds, sponges, or occasionally an anemone which they had carefully planted on their backs.“

——(第十一章 销魂群岛)(From Chapter 11: The Enchanted Archipelago)

有趣的小知识(interesting facts):与海葵共生,利用海葵的五彩斑斓伪装自己,并用海葵的毒素保护自己。一生中要经历约14次生长蜕壳。Spider crabs live with anemones, so that they can camouflages themselves with the anemone's colorful colors, and protect themselves with the anemone's toxin. They go through about 14 times of slough in their lifetime.


18. 鹬 snipe
图片来源 source:维基百科(


“On the island the swamps and pools had their wisps of snipe, probing the mushy earth with their long rubbery beaks, humming like arrows as they flipped up from under your feet. “

——(第十二章 山鹬之冬)(From Chapter 12: The Woodcock Winter)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):这是成语“鹬蚌相争,渔翁得利”里的鹬. There is an ancient Chinese fable describing a story about a snipe and a clam were fighting for food, but both of them turned out to be the food of a fisherman. The fable was used when a quarrel which benefits only a third party.


19. 山鹬 (应该翻译成丘鹬)woodcock 

(图片来源 source:维基百科


“In the olive-groves, among the myrtles, the woodcock lurked, fat and ungainly, leaping away when disturbed with a tremendous purring of wings, looking like bundles of wind-blown autumn leaves.“

——(第十二章 山鹬之冬)(From Chapter 12: The Woodcock Winter)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):喜欢孤独,不喜欢集群生活。Woodcock likes to be alone.


20. 各种雀 Finches

图片来源 source:


“to my delight I found there were goldfinches painted like clowns in vivid scarlet, yellow, and black; greenfinches as green and yellow as lemon leaves in midsummer; linnets in their neat chocolate-and-white tweed suiting; bullfinches with bulging, rose-pink breasts, and a host of other birds.”

——(第十四章 絮语的花朵)(From Chapter 14: The Talking flowers)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):这类鸟长得好看,叫声动听,深受鸟类买卖的危害。Finches are generally good looking with lovely voice. They suffer from bird trade.


21. 凤头鸫 Cock blackbird



“At each end a large aviary had been built, and in one lived a cock blackbird, black and velvety with a flaunting, banana-yellow beak;”

——(第十四章 絮语的花朵)(From Chapter 14: The Talking flowers)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):叫声动听 Cock blackbirds have lovely voice. Bird songs


22. 矶鸫 Rock thrush

Blue rock thrush(图片来源 source:百度百科 baidu baike)


“while in the other aviary opposite was a thrush-like bird which was clad in the most gorgeous blue feathering, a celestial combination of shades from navy to opal.”

——(第十四章 絮语的花朵)(From Chapter 14: The Talking flowers)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):从名字就可以看出这种鸟生活在林地多岩的地方。You can probably tell from its name, that rock thrush lives in places with rocks.


23. 喜鹊 magpie (杰瑞养的“洗劫”哥俩 (注“洗劫”和“喜鹊”读音相似,在书里,斯皮洛叫它Magenpies,和英文名称magpie相似)In the book, Spiro called them magenpies because of his accent, and magenpies were chose to be the names of Gerry’s two magpie.

左 left:飞翔的成年喜鹊;adult. 右 right: 喜鹊宝宝 baby bird(图片来源 source:维基百科


“Far below, over a blond square of ripening maize, a small black and white shape appeared, like a piebald Maltese cross, skimming rapidly across the flat areas of cultivation, heading determinedly for the hill-top on which I sat. As it flew up towards me the magpie uttered three brief, harsh chucks, that sounded rather muffled as though its beak were full of food.”


“Under my fingers I could feel soft, quivering skin and fluff, while a shrill chorus of wheezes rose from inside the nest. Carefully I curved my fingers round one fat, warm baby and drew it out. Enthusiastic though I was, even I had to admit it was no beauty. Its squat beak, with a yellow fold at each corner, the bald head, and the half-open and bleary eyes gave it a drunken and rather imbecile look. The skin hung in folds and wrinkles all over its body, apparently pinned loosely and haphazardly to its flesh by black feather-stubs.”

——(第十五章 仙客来树林)(From Chapter 15: The Cyclamen Woods)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):除了代表福气以外,喜鹊还是唯一已知通过镜子测试的非哺乳动物,即它能辨别自己在镜子中的影像。不像红衣主教(就是愤怒的小鸟里的红色小鸟)连自己的水中的倒影都攻击。In addition to representing good fortune, the magpie is the only non-mammal known to have passed the mirror test, as it can recognizing its own reflection in the mirror, unlike the Cardinal (the red bird in Angry Birds) who attacks his own reflection in the water.


24. 黑背海鸥 black-backed gull (书里杰瑞的阿力哥Alecko)In the book, the black-backed gull that Gerry kept is called Alecko.
大黑背鸥 Great black-back gull (图片来源 source:维基百科


“We sat in the boat and ate the shellfish, and all the time I watched the bird, fascinated by the snow-white breast and head, his long hooked beak and fierce eyes, as yellow as spring crocuses, the broad back and powerful wings, sooty black. From the soles of his great webbed feet to the tip of his beak he was, in my opinion, quite admirable.“

——(第十七章 棋盘田野)(From Chapter 17: The Chessboard Fields)

有趣的小知识 (interesting facts):震耳欲聋的“咿哦”(kee-orr)声是它的特色。Its bird call is characterized as a loud "Kee-orr". Bird calls




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