iPhone 5s now the best-selling smartphone

Since Apple released iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in September, Apple sold 9 million units of the iPhone 5s, blowing away its previous record for first weekend iPhone sales, which was 5 million for the iPhone 5 from last year. It was reported to be sold out quickly around the globe and as well as the online Apple store. Even though the sales of iPhone 5c isn’t’ as good as iPhone 5s, it is still a thrilling news to Apple by regaining its market share back. Based on the report, iPhone 5s is now the best-selling smartphone, followed by iPhone 5c, and Samsung galaxy S4 is ranked number three. This indicates that Apple hasn’t lost its strong competitive power yet, and it is estimated to have potential growth in the future as well.

Apple has also announced that there are now 200 million devices running iOS 7, which makes the fastest software upgrade in history. On the newly released device, the TouchID stands out the most by giving a new feature of unlocking the screen with a fingerprint sensor. That’s probably a major reason that attracted more people to but it.


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