A Conversation with Malcolm Gladwell

One great speaker and one great workshop

Malcolm Gladwell in our Conversations series

Malcom Gladwell is a celebrated Canadian speaker, journalist and best-selling author. Gladwell is known for using research in the social sciences to explore complex problems such as why are successful people successful? Why does social change happen? Can intuition make you a better decision maker? Join us to hear to some of Malcolm’s latest ideas.

When: Monday, Nov. 28th, 3:00pm
Where: HA098

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Spots are limited. To attend you must RSVP here.

Working in teams workshop

Today’s workplace is all about teamwork and how to deliver on shared outcomes.  This fun and interactive workshop creates a real-world learning experience about conflicts that may arise within teams and how to manage yourself and relate to others within the team. This workshop is facilitated by expert coaches from the BCODN .

When: Wednesday, Nov. 16th, 3:00pm – 4:30pm
Where: HA254.

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